Through Both My Eyes…


They say that eyes are the most complicated and delicate part of the body, and rightly so. Complicated because even though when they go through the same picture many a times, what they see may not be the same always. Or so to say, what the mind perceives may not be the same, all of those times. Just like the same way, those verses of “Miles To Go Before I Sleep” meant different for me as a girl in twenties than as a 6 year old.

Sometimes this complicacy amuses me, for isn’t it beauty that these eyes conceal within themselves: the ability to change the truth every time you look through it? The irony is that, each of that single time what we see is only a dimension, and we are never able to dismiss the last picture (or truth) as a mere lie. For, who decides reason? Isn’t that too, relative? Like most other things in this Universe? Like you, like me, like our distance?

Why I call the eyes as delicate is not because they are so, physically; but because they are so, also in other aspects that my eyes can picture of. The delicateness evidences its existence with the fall of that single tear from your left eye when you make your parents proud for the first time, when for the first time you feel that someone right there loves you back the same way you do, probably when the first time you see your child smile, or walk, or laugh, I can only imagine this.

My eyes see no boundaries, for thoughts can seldom be caged. I see smiles concealed within each tear; I see a day concealed in each mid-night. As I have a disease of trying to procure out the best in the ugliest worst.

Well, eh, I tend to get too philosophical sometimes…sounding too old and boring for my age; but trust me! I am much livelier as a person than this write-up. 😀


There is something that the Eyes See…and there’s something that the mind shows…

And I really hope you like the world ‘Through Both My Eyes’, and fall in love with it, all over again…

To My World, into My Thoughts…

14 responses to this post.

  1. my eyes don’t have tears….all it has is the hollowness of life… i just wish someone can bring tears in them….

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  2. wonderful, great going


  3. wonderfully written Priyam! Perfect words to reflect perfect emotions 🙂


  4. Lovely post….eyes see, mind process’ and soul feels!!! 😀

    PS: Thanks for your interest in PADE, we would love to have you aboard 😀


  5. 2 steps ahead of a blog .. real life experiences showcased with extreme professionalism . Great Job !!


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