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Rain and The Irony of Life

rain1On a rainy day like this, when the air is filled with that scent of wet soil, I see her take some time to close her eyes and feel the air that rushes in… I see her look outside the window, slowly extending her hand and feeling the shower between her fingers. I see her smile when those little drops touch her skin and dance away beyond vision… I smile.

There! I see them dance, I see them sing, and I see them pull one another to feel the mesmerising craze. I see him holding her hand, and smiling contently as he looks up.

I smile now. For, it is immensely beautiful to be the smile on her lips, to be the music of their dance; to be the excuse of his contentment. And, for a moment it makes me forget about the pain of separation, and it makes me forget about my increasing distance from him. He sees her wet hair and those pearl like drops on her face, and calls her beautiful; and I take pride in myself. I made her feel beautiful! I laugh now.

And then when the friendly wind makes me go here and there, teasing me with its changing directions, I dance that inclined dance. I rush down, hither and thither, with all smiles and dances.

A crazy laughter can take you to a heaven. And those little children! They make you forget you aren’t a child. So I dance my way down, rushing and wetting everyone on my way.

But then when I fade away with the last drops falling on the earth, it makes me weep. For it makes me realise-not every happiness lasts long, not every dance goes on forever, not every laughter echoes endlessly. And then it makes me miss him even more. What an irony! I roll down away from the sky, so that I can keep meeting him again, we bid goodbye to each other so that we can greet again, we separate because we want to be together, forever. rain4

And the people around me, they don’t even realise my pain, they are just happy to see the beauty of nature enrich on its own.

What an irony indeed! What is grief for one, is happiness to some other; what is failure to one, is victory of another, what is end of one, is beginning of another.

And I wait here, hiding beneath their footsteps, counting down time, waiting to melt away in your arms, as I accept every tear with the hope of smiling again…rain2_thumb.jpg