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Sometimes… our heart is not our best friend…

Sometimes it’s not the people around you that make you weak, sometimes it’s not the situation, it’s not the failure or the broken dream…But sometimes….it’s that lump in your throat that you cannpp.jpgot swallow…sometimes it’s the heart that silently screams for love, for a hug, for belongingness…..sometimes, sometimes, it’s our very own feelings which we have to surrender to…that say that they are tired of playing hide and seek inside , and beg to let them come out….let them come out for once and bring in some peace…


The Bent Journey…


Often, 'not-knowing' is the fun part ;)

Often, ‘not-knowing’ is the fun part 😉

I look out of the window of the moving train… and what I see, is a bent road… a bent railway track, the other side of which is unknown as to which direction it leads to…and what strikes my mind is that – isn’t that same with life too? What we see is just the moment… the next of which is not totally clear to us. What we know exactly is just ‘now’. Who knows we might live in just the next moment or not? Well I guess that’s the best thing about life isn’t it?  😀 . I believe in enjoying every moment of it just like a ‘roller-coaster’ ride… people always amuse me when I see them ‘not’ enjoying it… :p

As I let my thoughts wander aimlessly, many things strike my mind. Say for instance today’s date! 21st December 2012, the day the world was to end according to many. What if it really ended? What if everything just ceased existing? All we were to become, was ‘nothing’?! Everything that means so much to us would have been diminished to mere nothings! I hadn’t had this thought before today as I never really much into this ‘End of World’ stuff. I mean who cares? If we die that’s it ya! I never really understand taking tension about things we have no control over. I mean why do I bother my neurons when they can totally relax? Especially when my overloaded neuro-cells can’t even contribute to the diminishing of the thing that’s bothering me?!?! :p LOLZ

Well of course I never said you should never load those neurons with thoughts, which will turn you into a complete nutt- head! What I stress in saying is that, think about things which you are sure of getting a conclusion about. I mean how about this incident-

“You are running late and you’ve got to ride a bus which leaves exactly at 15 minutes. You get the cab, sit in it and wander? ‘Will I be late for the bus?!’ and get all nervous!#!$!”

– The justified need of the moment is that you hurry after you get off the cab pay him fast and run for the bus isn’t it? :p How would getting nervous help you right at that moment? All it will do is frighten you more.

What I believe is- Just live EASY, love more and trust CARefully! That’s what life is all about according to me. Take risks, scream and shout and breathe (of course that ain’t optional :p), live for today, live in the moment… that’s it! Why complicate life and make it is ‘a journey to the centre of the earth’ when all you can make out of it is a ‘roller coaster’ ride? :p

Well some find me impulsive, others find me a mess. That’s something I m little bothered about.
What I find me is that’s all that matters, and that’s all that will ever matter.

Kishanganj, 13:40 hrs, 2012-12-21, this moment.