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India will awake to life and freedom…!

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity. –Pt. Jawaha lal Nehru.

Happy 67th Independence Day to all Indians!

1st independence day

Independence- the word that is simply impossible to completely define. As it is like an empty canvass- we all see what we want to see. Some see peace, some vacancy, some see honour, purity and the capability to define or design it any way he wants! Such a blank canvass is this independence to me—we all see what we want to see it as.

Today, it is our 67th independence day. A day we all Indians are proud of, no matter how much upset we are with its political situation or economic status. A day which makes us all thank our fore-fathers for having fought a battle that had almost taken their lives. For having restored the beauty that Bharat had always deserved. And it makes us remember those awesome heroes who fought and kept fighting for the country’s honour: be it before 1947 or after, be it in the struggle of Independence, or in the war of Kargil; be it in the LOC, or in any other rebel that they fought to save another Indian. We are all proud of them, and no matter how much frustrated you are, if you are an Indian, you just cannot but be proud of it. That is simply what we are… that’s us, the Indians.

But are we really independent? Many of us claim that had there been British Rule in India for a little while longer, India would have risen to being a developed country. We praise those disciplined and sophisticated people for having given India the bliss of so many beautiful architectures, even for introducing the language that I am writing in, right now. Many of us say we were better off with their rule, India would have been more beautiful, more built, more developed, more ornate. Perhaps it might be true. After all, even the Parliament is a British gift to us. Their unparalleled devotion and discipline is yet another factor that always charmed me too, to honestly admit. Perhaps if they really did rule us now, the rate of crimes would have fallen either. The corruption, the illegal scams, the mute politicians who serve some royal families more than they should be serving our motherland, the illiteracy rate, the laziness of some pathetic people, the dignity, the disrespect and wail-full situation of women in India, perhaps every such thing would have ceased, or at least lessened. Perhaps India might have woken to more beautiful mornings, or heard more enchanting compliments or had some brighter nights. But, the question is-‘Would Indians have felt or got the same too??’ Am I not correct

when I say that “the real status and beauty of a country lies in the status and beauty of its people”?? No doubt India would have seen some more beautiful mornings and some even brighter nights, but would India have been happy, when she sees Indians treated the way they were treated by the British?

Today, India is a free country, only bound to her children like she always was. But for Indians, are we really free? Are we not bound to some immoral culture? Every day the pages of newspapers suffocate us with the ugly reality of today—the corrupted officials, the scams, the mournful deaths of beautiful Indian girls when they are raped? The list is endless. Today, Indians are free, but they have misunderstood the meaning of freedom. Freedom is not something that makes you do whatever you want, it is not something that allows you to go bonkers after money and wealth, it’s not something that frees you off the sisterhood of an Indian girl, to look at her with the eyes of a cannibal. Have we forgotten our Pledge today? Does it not say all Indians are my brothers and sisters??? Or have we forgotten ourselves today?? In a world where being ‘no strings attached’ is in vogue, shouldn’t we be ashamed of being ripped off our own souls and consciences allowing us to do what we do today? We blame politicians and higher officials for this and that, and I do not say they do not deserve to be, but how often do we blame ourselves??

We still wait for that midnight hour to come, when India will actually rise into life and freedom; when we step out from the old rotten customs of poverty and immoral inhumanity in to the bond of brotherhood and the bliss of development. When each Indian brother will keep the pride of his Rakhi-dhaaga; when India will be free of corruption, muted selfish politicians, un-ending desires of greedy wants; when on every Independence, an Assamese like me will be free to enjoy the Independence of India at KFC and Dominos like we celebrate each other’s birth days; rather than being trapped in my own home with the fear of being killed? When we will be the Nation every true Indian dreams of. And that day, my friends, can only come when you, I and every Indian swear to work genuinely towards it.


What a beautiful morning it must have been, the 15th of August 1947!

What a beautiful nation it must have been then, too. When every Indian knew what it meant to be an Indian, knew the importance of freedom and the meaning of slavery. Unlike many of us, who rather choose to be the servants of greed, anger and selfishness, that being the king of his own and the possessor of a beautiful conscience?

Happy Independence Day, India.


A Proud Indian.

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