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A complicated thought

Thoughts come and go as they want, their existence is enviable. Master of their own and slave of none; they can take you far from now, they can take you to a place you’re long dead. They can take you back, down on the memory lane even. There’s hardly anything that’s as free as thoughts, enviable, very enviable!

They lead you ahead into dreams, bring you back through determination and take you behind into memories, both sweet and sour…

Surprising! a single thing that becomes the carriage, from here to just anywhere.

While going through some random pictures I downloaded, a thought struck me.
The nearest puddle is all that we see :)

I was trying to figure out whatever meaning can be interpreted from that picture;

A girl barefooted, feeling the rain on her fingers, in a puddle in the middle of the road. It made me think, is n’t that so with every human alive? We drift closer to anything that makes us happy, knowingly or unknowingly. We don’t care we are prepared or not, we don’t care what it takes, we just subconsciously draw closer and closer, never even realising we are walking through some heart-led path, towards some peace, which we were waiting for, may be. And then, if the peace lets us in, we get engulfed, but if does n’t, we stand there, looking subconsciously for another happiness, another bliss, another miracle. And this cycle of life continues, and t
he search goes on, forever. I think this is what makes us more human, this search for something more, the urge to fulfil the loss, the desire to cover the slightest pores…

Some people may call others selfish when they see us moving towards a change most called for, but is it selfishness that makes us head for something that appears so perfectly in synch with our within, that it’s melody can be mistaken as the echo of our own heart beat!

This thought rightly befits the dialogue by Kate Winslet in a movie I watched that day:-

“Its not the selfishness, it’s the hunger, the hunger for an alternative and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness.”

(after a long time)


Sometimes… our heart is not our best friend…

Sometimes it’s not the people around you that make you weak, sometimes it’s not the situation, it’s not the failure or the broken dream…But sometimes….it’s that lump in your throat that you cannpp.jpgot swallow…sometimes it’s the heart that silently screams for love, for a hug, for belongingness…..sometimes, sometimes, it’s our very own feelings which we have to surrender to…that say that they are tired of playing hide and seek inside , and beg to let them come out….let them come out for once and bring in some peace…