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A Memorable Acquaintance

I met an aged person while flying from the Capital City to my hometown after my Winter-Internship. It was a cold morning, so the flight got naturally delayed due to extreme fog, by around 2:30hrs. As it was my first time flying alone I made a lot of calls to my sister, mom, dad and who not to get the grasp of the whole situation, as I had not received any protocol for the same, prior to my long phone calls . Winking smile

if we don't believe in humanity, who will?

Hearing me speak in my mother tongue, an elderly person approached me and started a friendly conversation as he too belonged to the same state as I did, and he too was travelling alone. After some friendly chit-chats, the announcement was made and we boarded the plane. I helped him carry one of his bags and at the same time was wondering why on earth did his sons even allow him to travel alone, at an age when his hands quivered at the slightest panic.

The problem arose when we were asked to deplane at our connecting port, and were asked to contact the ground staff as regards the next plane to my final destination. When we asked, the staff concerned dint pay much attention and said that the next flight would only be available in the morning of the next day, we all panicked, and then, after much chaos, they agreed to give us a flight to half the distance in the evening and the next half by the following morning, this was however comforting because we did not mind spending one night in our own state, as against spending it in a foreign state. All this time, I made sure the aged person was standing next to me wherever I went, just to make sure he’s fine.

When the flight landed in the first port of my state, I called up one of my branch mates and asked him to come receive me at the airport and see if I can get a ticket by bus to my hometown. I was lucky that this was where I studied (presently) and even luckier that I had a friend who can be relied at such a time of need. Even though my hostel was not very far from the airport, still I was dying to reach home after spending so many days away for the internship. When the aged person learned that am going home by bus, he too wished the same and asked me to get one ticket for him too, if possible. So I called up my friend and managed to get another ticket for him in the same bus.

So, my friend came with his brother and picked me us up from the airport and escorted us till the bus stand. Seriously, it’s a bliss having such a friend, I was so grateful to him.  Smile

The thrill was at its highest as it was my first flight alone, and besides, I had met someone who appreciated people for the littlest help they do, and exaggerate it like they did something worth of The Nobel prize. These kinds of people are rare to find in today’s world, people who appreciate the negligibly small good and make it big like an ocean.humanityfirst

He still calls me up sometimes. But as for me, I still don’t know anything about him, not even his name. I just did not feel the necessity. For me, it was all humanity that I kept alive within myself that day, but am glad that I met such a man of character and pride.