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Because pictures are some perfect pasts!!

I am at home now. Practically wasting away my time, laughing loudly at almost anything that would otherwise have deserved nothing but only a smile. Vacations do energise you up don’t they? After a long semester in college, trying to relate all those P’s to all those N’s, jamming up my brain with 1’s and 0’s, what’s much more called for, is a vacation at home where you can resume your animal-self again : to keep the child inside you alive and happy.

So today, when I woke up at 11am (I know that’s late as hell, but I guess am allowed isn’t it? I am at HOME!!! Open-mouthed smileSmile ) Okay, coming back, so today, before I even had my breakfast, I happened to grab an album which had kept embraced within itself, the memories of a great childhood, and some deliciously happy moments that are always so much fun to re-live, yet again. Pictures are really very beautiful, aren’t they? Especially because of the obvious fact that they never change, even when the ones in the picture, the moments get weathered and the smiles fade away. Still they remain the same, enclosing the moments within its transparent bars.

Let me add here a quotation that seems to befit-

“Old pictures look very rugged and young, and the people in the photographs always seem a lot happier than you are.” -Perks of being a Wallflower.

Well may be it’s a fact, may be it’s not. But it seemed to match my emotions a lot. (Though am not really sure about the ‘happier than you are’ part.)

I started rummaging my brain for words today, not merely to write about ‘pictures’, but to share with you those few photographs which had left me feeling a lot nostalgic and happy today; and left a few thoughts knocking on my brain cells.

So, here I go-

I found few photographs from school, and at once it started coming back to me… the fights, the uncontrolled laughter, the competitions of this and that; and what not!

I found this pic of my besties together with me, and we look soooooooo not the ‘today’s us’. LMAO. I immediately ‘WhatsApp’ed my bestie the pic and the reply came- OMG! Where did you get it? Surprised smile seriously we look so dumb and ugly.

buli dui

“It’s easier to floss with barbed wire than admit you were that someone in middle school.”
― Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak (a li’l edited )

What an irony. Scoring an 18 or 19 out of 20, getting a Second Position in those extra-curricular competitions could gloom my face like a pumpkin. And these now seem so un-important. I guess that’s life. And that’s human nature- considering one self’s present problems as the ‘all in all’.

These are two more pictures of my childhood which somehow managed to engrave in my mind again.

On the left is a picture from the day I had danced for the first time in school. I am the girl on the second position from left who looks more like a boy. Yeah, that’s me. And from that day, to the day I passed out from that school- there were so many other performances, so much other fun, still this pic remains the special one for all time.

buli paaas

“it’s back to school time. or as home-schoolers call it, stay-where-you-are time.”
― Stephen Colbert

buli sari~2

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.”
― Virginia Woolf

And the other pic, the one on my right is from the time I had danced the 7-sisters’ dance if I am not wrong. The costume is nice, isn’t it? I guess I was the one representing Nagamese culture, and my friend, well I am not sure which state she was from, that day.

It’s queer because if someone asks me to wear that dress and perform in front of the same audience, I’d hesitate. Now I’d be more shy and uncomfortable, unlike the care-free and jolly girl I used to be. Well this, I guess is called growing up! You can’t always be crawling on floors and suckling your fingers can you?

buli pic

“And I have one of those very loud, stupid laughs. I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I’d probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up.”
― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Here, look at that! And that crazy person showing how-big-her-mouth-can-open is sadly, me. Had it been someone else, it would have been even more fun blogging about it, but sadly that, I kept for another day. Well, hopefully!

I mean, look at it! What was seriously wrong with me that I opened my mouth into that big a cave: showing proudly my missing tooth even. And the rest in the pic, they all look so sober, so calm. And me- like I have been thunder struck, or am from some other planet. And what’s even bigger a joke is that- I can’t even remember what it was that made me burst into that Ravan-laughter.

buli tini

Siblings. Nature’s way of creating a slightly (or very) different version of us.

Here it is: me and my brother. We have always been that inseparable pair who are more likely to be each other’s extensions of their own self, rather than being two different individuals. We are that mischievous pair that used to fight like Tom & Jerry but still remained intact like Timon & Pumbaa. And this picture reveals both – he having my samosa and giving that victorious I-won-smile and me, I don’t know why I am showing my teeth that much even here. Well may be in a way Stephen Chbosky was right, the people in the picture do appear happier. But whatever it is, this is yet another one of my favourite pics of all times.

And there it is-finally a not-so-bad picture of mine. I seriously thought I won’t find any.

buli soy

“This is my carefree, this is my freedom–this is MY HAPPY.”
― Coco J. Ginger

So there it is-my childhood at a glance. I became so damn super excited to see all these pictures that I immediately WhatsApped him these snaps. And yes! I did not forget to add my current picture at the end- to make sure he doesn’t feel too bad about dating an Oggie. LOL.

And yes, please don’t forget to add your responses; I’d be more than glad to know if even one of them pricked that tickling bone of yours.