So, here comes another new year! Another chance to exchange smiles, another excuse to hang out, drink and enjoy life! Another reason to wish family and friends, and convey our best wishes, in an otherwise busy life…and again, another chance to give a new start, to have new hopes, new dreams and aspirations! Another chance to see life with new perspectives, another chance to look at the world through both our eyes…

Happy New Year Everyone! Wish you a very successful, happy and peaceful year ahead. Another year passed, I do not really know what adjective would rightly befit the year 2013 for me. Well, the year was full of lots of ups and downs: many lessons learnt and many taught Winking smile  a year with some big mistakes, some big decisions, some big realisations, and to sum up, some great experiences. 2013, thank you man! I had some great turning points in my life…and life is going to be sooooo much different here after. Some so…bitter experiences, some so…ugly hearted people! But at the end, it doesn’t matter, what does matter, is that I moved on, and that’s the zing about life isn’t it? No matter what, it will always go on! In short, the year twenty 13 was no lesser than a roller-coaster ride for me. It was great altogether!

So here is my resolution for 20-fourteen: I will move on, and be as awesome as possible!

Yeah, it does sound funny I agree, but after 21years of making resolutions like “I will get up early in the morning! BAM! I will stick to the time table strictly, BAM! BAM! I will learn to cook goddamn well! And yet another BAM! The BAM’s may go on and on! So now, since I’m little close to understanding myself, I realise what I am really gonna be devoted to, from heart! Yeah, I will be as awesome as possible (perhaps another Barney Stinson, who knows haha! Open-mouthed smile ) Well…..jokes apart, let’s see what 2014 has in store for me. And for an annoyingly optimistic person like me, I cannot help but hope for the best!

Happy New year guys!

And don’t forget to be awesome Rolling on the floor laughing!




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  1. Now that is one highly charged-up blog post! May 2014 be a very eventful year for you. And I wish to see a lot of write-ups in your blog, so KEEP BLOGGING !!!! 😀


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