It took me a little time in deciding what I’d post in this theme; I went through my albums again and again. I did find a few pictures that rightly befitted the theme ‘layer’, but the scrutinising board of my mind did not let any of those images to pass. I looked over these pictures- it had layers for sure, but what was it that my heart couldn’t accept them?


my entry for PADE #6

The layer of those houses which are homes or even heavens to the ones who reside there, the layer of green which makes our survival possible…the layer of vacancy—that gives us what we intake in every breath, and those beautiful layer of illusive clouds, which gives a bud of deceptive imagination to almost every one born on the earth. In short, my brain said—this pic has life, it has the cause of life, imagination, and the genuine truth of air that proves the presence of something real, right in front of our eyes still which we are incapable of seeing—it screams in its inaudible voice the truth we may take a life time to learn- not what we see is true always, not what we don’t see is untrue always. In short, I found my thoughts wandering in every dimension from this pic. Still my heart did not say it was complete.


And for this picture, the layers of silence, the layers of mightiness, the layers of what forms our home planet—revealing and unrevealing tales of existence…, leading from one side to another (it is a cave).

Still my heart fixed with an incomplete sigh.!

I looked up in the dictionary-the meaning of layer. And it said nothing that I didn’t know of.


I browsed my laptop for pictures, just then I found this-

And my heart skipped a beat—so many layers, all together, is it even possible? Or was it my eyes deceiving me again? The layer of un-comparable beauty of an Indian bride, the veil of shyness, the layer of fear, nervousness of what the life after this day beholds, a concealed layer of happiness for getting married after 10 years of love, the pride, the sadness in her eyes for leaving the home that she grew up in…and many more I cannot even feel.

And it is only now, i feel that the post about ‘Layer’ is complete, these three pictures define what layer means to me, however, if I have to choose only one for PADE, I’d nominate the first pic, though the last pic toouches my heart, still photography wise, I think the first deserves it more. 🙂

This post is a part of PADE, a 31 day photo challenge wherein each participant will post an image according to the theme of the day. To know more about is, click here.



7 responses to this post.

  1. Enjoyed your thoughts on the different layers. Great writing.


  2. Wow I am in love with your last photograph and amazing interpretation of the theme!!!


  3. PADE is all about interpretation of theme, both in pictures and words. And I do love the first photo more but the story and description behind the second one is…priceless!
    You think so much in depth and present your interpretation so well for each theme, I just love seeing your entries to PADE!


    • thank you dear Ritu 🙂 for your compliment as well as the wonderful themes- i find hard to harness my thoughts whenever I try to write about your awesome PADE themes 🙂


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