I’ve got VIVA today!

LOL…ya the first word that came to mind was LOL…. i mean i’ve got an exam and I’m blogging.. n i don’t even know why and how??? 😛

i a way m a li’l surprised at myself…the same girl who got so serious for lil tests, now is hardly afraid of the viva exam… i guess it kinda happens with everyone in life….this ‘change’ m talking about… day after day we see, we experience, we learn, we perceive….and at the end ‘change’…however lil or minute that change may be….

some changes, we look forward to make…changes like getting over someone u loved, forgetting things that  used to mean a lot…. this , i feel is most common…

in my eyes…change is necessary, to move on, to grow, to live… but some of it takes the fun out of us, leaving us machinery… what we must ask ourselves everyday is…r we becoming less human?  are we becoming more selfish… and as we grow, become successful, it is more likely for the answer to be a ‘yes’.

if u wish to see through these eyes of mine…the world is complex…more complex is ‘human mind’…for it’s not ghosts i fear of, not failure i m scared of….but its ‘human mind’ that I’m afraid of..cause sometimes, even  lifetime isn’t enough to know a person….






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